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Jai Lava Kusa 2017 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download HDRip 720p Dual Audio ESub UNCUT

Jai Lava Kusa

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Genre: Action, Drama

Director: Bobby Kolli

Release Date: 21 September 2017

Star Cast: Junior N.T.R., Rashi Khanna, Niveda Thomas


Movie Story Jai Lava Kusa

identical triplets whose personalities are very different from each other.

Triplets being taken care by their maternal uncle (Posani Krishna Murali). They seek a humble life by stage drama performances. Both Lava and Kusa excel in acting whereas sidelined by his maternal uncle due to his stammering disability.  though a member of the family, is generally set to do the household chores and treated as the second class citizen. An instigated and a humiliated sets the drama stage on fire and flees.


After 20 years, all three brothers (All played by N. T. Rama Rao Jr.) are scattered and seek their own lives in different places. Kusa, an expert mugger with a happy-go-lucky attitude mugs a huge amount of money to fly to the U.S. but the plan eventually fizzles out as the money becomes worthless due to demonetization. He happens to meet Lava, a bank manager, who adheres to his principles and runs an ethical life. Lava is an example for over goodness and entangled in many problems with his life because of it, with the fear of losing his job and his love, Priya (Raashi Khanna) his marriage broker whom he had fallen in love when his marriage was fixed and he realised about his love towards her when she didn’t talk ,meet or saw him. Kusa hatches a plan to go to the bank and impersonate Lava while Lava tries to make Priya fall for him whose marriage was fixed.He says that she too loves him but doesn’t accept because of her family and she never said that she doesn’t love him and only says to go. Priya soon accepts his love. However, Kusa cheats Lava and runs away with money. Priya disappears, and Priya’s father files a kidnap case on Lava Kumar because a family member claims she saw Lava kidnap Priya and run away. Priya’s father, a family member, and a police officer arrive at Lava’s house. Lava swears he didn’t kidnap Priya. Lava then receives a call from a colleague, V.A. Rajini, at his bank and she says that there is footage of him stealing money in the locker room of the bank. Lava, now realizing that Kusa cheated him, asks the police officer to find Kusa. Kusa is already captured by the police officer and tied up inside of a truck, where Lava and the police officer go. Lava confronts Kusa and asks him about the whereabouts of Priya. Kusa says that he didn’t kidnap Lava’s girlfriend but did take the money. Then, Lava and Kusa venture that if both of them are alive, Jai may also be. The police officer (Saikumar Pudipeddi) reveals his identity as someone close to Jai says that Jai’s name isn’t Jai and that his name is Ravan as he pretends to arrest them so he can bring Lava and Kusa to Jai/Ravan to kill them.


The police officer narrates the story

about Jai after the fire accident. He says that Ravan was the one who started the fire on purpose and that afterwards he fled to a dangerous town in which the police officer met Jai and raised him as his own under the name Ravan. The police officer then tells him that Ravan was trying to gain a seat in politics, but his temper made him an enemy to the public. He has brought them to his house to use Lava and his kindness to woo the people into voting for Ravan. The police officer also tells him that Ravan learned the weaknesses of both Lava and Kusa and stole Priya and the money, respectively. After knowing the truth about his elder brother Ravan (Jai), Lava and Kusa are taken to Ravan (Jai) house. Ravan (Jai) shows Lava and Kusa Priya and the money. Ravan tells Lava his role and tells Kusa that he has to woo the woman (Nivetha Thomas) that tried killing Ravan. Ravan (Jai) says they have to change their outfits like Ravan (Jai) and follow his mentor Kaka, the police officer. Lava succeeds by gaining the love of the public while impersonating Ravan (Jai). Kusa meet Simran (Nivetha Thomas) who is trying to take revenge on Ravan (Jai) for her brother’s death. Kusa makes a deal with Simran that she has to act like the lover of Ravan (Jai) so that Kusa can get his money back and Simran can take her revenge on Ravan (Jai). Kusa tells the truth to Lava and Priya about his deal with Simran. Ravan (Jai) overhears the plan of Kusa and Simran and he angrily tries to kill Lava and Kusa. Lava begs his brother Ravan (Jai) to leave Kusa. Just then, Ravan receives a call in which he is told that he is the frontrunner for winning the election. Lava and Kusa hatch a plan to bring their brother back with them. They do a play in which emotional breakdowns occur in trying to convince Ravan (Jai) to be their brother again. Ravan (Jai), overcome with emotion, storms out. Later, it is known that Ravan (Jai) is secretly trying to kill Lava and Kusa. The next day, Lava and Kusa drive the car that has a bomb attached to it. After they leave, Ravan reveals his plan to kill Lava and Kusa. The triplets’ maternal uncle begs Ravan (Jai) to save Lava and Kusa. Ravan doesn’t listen. Then, the triplets’ maternal uncle asks Kaka to tell Ravan (Jai) to not kill Lava and Kusa kaka says he already told him to not kill them the previous night, but he didn’t reply. Ravan (Jai) tells Kaka that Kaka didn’t tell him to save them the previous night. Kaka comes to know that he told Lava this, thinking he was Ravan (Jai). Lava tells the plan to Kusa while they are driving and they understand Ravan (Jai) and decide to die.


Sarkar, who is seeking to take revenge on Ravan for his win in the election (Jai) stops the car. Sarkar thinks that there are only twins and says whoever reveals their identity as Ravan will be killed and the other spared. Both Lava and Kusa pretend to be Ravan and in frustration, Sarkar shoots Kusa. As Lava is screaming Kusa’s name after he is shot, Sarkar thinks that Lava is actually Ravan if the person he just shot is Kusa. A fight ensues to try and kill them both. Ravan (Jai) comes and save Lava and Kusa by killing Sarkar and his goons. Ravan is hurt repeatedly and soon dies after the fight. This is how the story ends.


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